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Reputation Management & Defending Your Brand

   You have worked hard to build you business, maintained great relationship with your customers over the years only to find out that few unfavorable reviews in popular reviews sites have negatively affected your business.

Familiar story like this is happening all over the internet as online review sites influence consumer behavior. It doe snot matter if you own a restaurant, auto repair shop, a dentist or an accountant, few negative reviews from disgruntled customer can greatly affect your bottom line.
At ReviewInc, we know that the real solution lies in generating great Yelp reviews, not uselessly trying to delete the bad ones. We make it easy for you to get the reviews you want, because all your reviews are collected from, and shared by, your very own satisfied customers. On sites like Yelp, only filtered reviews make it to your profile. This means that in order to improve your reviews, they need to be organic and unsolicited. By making it easy for your fans to share their feelings with the world, ReviewInc makes sure Yelp's filtered reviews policy won't keep your positive reviews from your customers.

Instead of focusing on the futile task of how to remove bad Yelp reviews, we set about removing the barriers that are stopping positive reviews from getting posted. That way, you can start turning your best customers into your biggest asset and your Yelp reviews into increased revenue.


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