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A captured moment of spontaneous creativity is worth more than a thousand hours of computerized perfection" -- Luis Rey


In e-commerce sites the crucial web design parameters are efficient navigation and search, along with speed to the final "place order" button.

Image During the "dot-com" craze, many new e-commerce sites spent fortunes of their investors' money on elaborate Macromedia Flash or digital video presentations and quickly failed — some went bankrupt before the web site was launched. Meanwhile, the Web's most successful commerce sites kept things technically simple and basic. Amazon, eBay, Yahoo, and other successful E-commerce sites use remarkably spare web page design schemes and simple text- or tab-based navigation systems.


What's included in OUR typical E-commerce Site:

In addition to regular web pages, our shopping cart system contains following features:

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1. Payment section programming (Real time credit card/checks payment processing, phone and fax orders processing etc.)

2. SSL (secure socket layer) support for secure communication and transactions

3. Advanced search engine function with multivariable search. (Search over web site, database of products etc.)

4. Order Tracking facility where customers can check their status of the order.

5. Easily keep your products/catalog updated - no HTML coding required to add, delete, or modify products.

6. Merchandise Pricing options - single and multiple items can be put on sale. Sale options include percentage-off, fixed amount off, new price, etc.

7. Products can be marked as Featured for specific highlighting/attention.

8. Entire categories of products (or individual products) can be enabled/disabled with just a few clicks.

9. If you need to take your site offline for a period of maintenance, you can do it easily by posting advance notices, as well as a friendly Down For Maintenance page that's also search engine friendly.

10. The Contact Us page can be configured to support multiple destinations, such as sales, technical support, webmaster, and so on.

11. CVV2 card verification number support is available for compliance with most merchant agreements.

12. Automatic detection of search engine spiders.

13. Intelligent generation of metatags content for search engines.

14. Built in WYSIWYG page editor for modifying non-database pages.

15. Low stock notifications to administrator when inventory is getting low.


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