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Most Frequently Asked Questions

1. Web Design
2. Internet Marketing
3. Web Hosting
4. Payment Question


A. Web Design

Q. How long does it take to develop a website?
It depends on the complexity of the website. E-commerce sites will obviously take longer, but we try to adhere to turn around time of 2 weeks.


Q. Do I have to come to your office to get a website? What if I live in a different part of the country or a long distance from you?
We can design a website for you no matter what part of the world you live in. There are several ways you can send us your information. If you already have digitized photos and text files, i.e.. Word documents and gif and or jpg images, you can email them to us. If not, you can mail us the information that you want on your website.

Q. Do you provide meta tags for each page?
Unlike our competitors, we pride ourselves for creating a search engine optimized pages from the beginning. We will insert all necessary meta tags to insure that your site gets indexed by the search engines easily and accurately and place high on search engines.

Q. Do you provide content copy writing?

For out client's convenience, we provide most of the content copy writing free of charge. However, it is up to the client to provide with more specific details.

Q. How many times can I review my site before it is uploaded?
You can review your site as many times as you want until you are satisfied with our work.

Q. If I buy a website from you do I own it? Will I get to keep it if I decide to hire somebody else down the road?
Yes, once the website is complete you "own" it. Our clients are not obligated to host with us (even though most do) and are always free to have anyone they want work on their website.  

Q. How much information can I have online? Do Web sites have a size limit?
Web sites can be as small as a single page or as large as is needed. There are sites on the Internet that have thousands of pages. Some hosting companies have a limit, however, or they may charge extra over a certain amount.

Q. Can I start small and then expand my web site later?
Absolutely--and depending on the circumstances and on your particular needs, we will sometimes recommend this. 

Q. How is a site kept up to date? Can we do the updates in house?
We can update it for you for a fee that is based on how often you want to update the site and on how complex the updates are. In some circumstances, we can set up specific pages so that they may be updated by the client with no special knowledge required.

Q. What types of graphic files do you accept?
We can accept any graphics file format that is Windows compatible. Apple users should covert files to a multiplatform format prior to sending them to us to ensure the best possible conversion. Our preferred format would be the original file that was created (Photoshop Document, Portable Network Graphic, Tiff) as those are editable, but JPEGs and GIFs are acceptable as long as they are good quality. If you are local, we can meet with you and get everything we need. If you aren't local, it's no problem, as you can always e-mail graphics files to us or mail photographs.

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B. Internet Marketing

Q. What is Internet marketing?
Many webmasters mistakenly believe that a website on the web will automatically drive traffic and potential customers to their website. As in the real world, no ones going to come to your website if they can't find it. It takes concerted effort to market your site effectively using social media, search engines, pay for click ads, banner ads and etc...

Q. What are search engines?
Search engines are website such as,, and other 3,000 sites on the web where you can type in search terms to look for websites. Because there are now close to 1 billion sites on the web, search engines play an important role in search and finding websites you are looking for.

Q. What are search engine robots?
Out of 3,000 or so search engines, some of the sites use human editors to view the site to determine whether or not it matches their criteria for listing. Examples of such sites are Yahoo, DMOZ, Findwhat etc. Majority of search engines however uses "robots" or "spider," which is an automated means of "crawling" all over the site, looking for the necessary elements it expects to find on a web page. For example, Google and Bing.

Q. Why can't I find my site on the search engines?
The answer can be many reasons. If your site is fairly new, you need to manually submit to search engines for them to find your site and index it on their database. However, it can take up to 6 months for them to visit your site.

Even if your site was indexed by search engines, because of millions of sites on the web, even if someone types in a search term query, your site might be coming up on 500th page where no human being can find.

Q. Why is search engines so important?
The latest research shows that 87% of new leads come from search engines. So if you have a website selling services or products, it is very important for your site to rank well on search engines and the keyword search terms.

Q. Why is my website rank so poorly on search engines?
As much as search engines try to find relevancy in search terms, it is not always successful in matching the right website to the query term. Search engines have its own algorithm as to how they rank the sites for relevancy such as contents and inbound links to your site. Thus, how you make your site search engine friendly is going to dictate how well your site is ranked.

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C. Web Hosting

Q: What is the minimum amount of time I have to stay with your services ?
There is no minimum contract so you can cancel at any time, penalty free.

Q: There are many free web hosting services. Why should I pay for web hosting ?
Buying professional web hosting gives you many benefits over free services. You get a permanent website address, e.g.,, for your website, and complete control over your domain, giving your website a more professional look. You also get to use many web technologies with your account (Free shopping cart, CGI, PHP etc.) that free accounts can't offer. You also get a generous capacity of webspace, and we don't put banner ads or popups on your website.

Q: Are there any hidden charges that I should know about ?
No, there are no hidden charges. We offer a no hidden charges guarantee, everything is included in the price you see.

Q: Do you offer a 30 day refund policy ?
We do not offer such a policy for the simple reason that every new account costs us approximately $20 to open. Therefore, if we were to offer a 30 days refund we would have to charge a set up fee which we feel our customers would not prefer.

Q. Can I pay yearly/monthly? 
Yes. When paid in yearly, you pay 11 months and get 1 month free.

Q. Can I upgrade my account? 
Yes, at any time:10 Gb of bandwidth $5.00/month, 10 email account $2.00/month, 1,000 Mgs of disk space $5.00/month or simply purchase another plan, and we will add the amount of space/bandwidth according to the plan you just bought to your current account.

PLEASE NOTE: It all depends the disk space/bandwidth left on the current server. If your current server is fully load, then you might need to purchase another plan.

Q. Do I get a dedicated IP? 
Yes. Additional IP: $5 per IP per Month + $5 One-time setup fee.

Q. Do you allow adult content? 

Q. Do you offer backup on your servers? 
Yes. We offer daily backup on every servers.

Q. Do you offer custom plans? 
Yes. Please contact us via email at with the amount of disk space/bandwidth you after, and we will give you a quote.

Q. Do you provide 24/7/365 support? 
Yes, servers are monitored, and trouble tickets/email are answered 24/7.

Q. Does your server provide JSP support? 

Q. How many customers do you have per server? 
It depends. 15~25 clients per server.

Q. What happens if I exceed my diskspace/bandwidth?
You will get notified via email when you reach 80% of the disk space or bandwidth.

Q: I have just ordered, when can I expect my website to be live ?
You will receive your welcome email within 24 hours, however it is normally around 8-10 hours.

Q: You run UNIX servers - but I have a Windows computer - does this matter ?
No - not at all. It does not matter what make or model your computer is or what software you run - our servers and webspace work with every type of computer and software without a problem.

Q: Are your servers reliable ?
Our servers are Unix based which means they are very reliable indeed. We aim to achieve 100% uptime constantly and are continually working to improve every aspect of our service. We are so confident with how reliable our servers are that we offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Q: How do I access my control panel ?
Your control panel goes live as soon as you receive our welcome email. If your website was, your control panel would be - please note however that if you have ordered a transfer of an existing website it can take 2-4 days for your website and control panel to become live. In such circumstances we provide a temporary address for you to access your control panel so that you can get working on your website ASAP.

Q: What domain names can I transfer to you ?
We can host any domain name in the world and you can transfer any domain name to us free of charge by asking your current provider to change your nameservers.

Q: I wish to sell products from my website. Do you offer any e-commerce systems ? 
We offer host of programs such as Agora shopping cart, Zen Shopping cart and CS live help etc....

Q: Will I have shell access to my account ?

Q. How to upload webpages to my directory? 
Upload to the directory called "public_html". Usuallly you would connect to, with your login/password. If your DOMAIN is waiting to be propagated, then you may connect to the SERVER IP that given in the welcome E-Mail.

Q. My FTP connection abruptly dropped while I was in the middle of an upload 
This can happen if, while uploading to your account, you approach to within 3-5% of your maximum disk space. This is initiated by the server as an emergency precautionary measure.

Q. My FTP connection disconnected 
The server will automatically disconnect you if your FTP session remains inactive for a period of time (usually 3-5 minutes).

Q. My FTP connection timed out
If your FTP connection timed out without connecting, check your FTP settings to make sure you have specified the correct host or IP address.

Q. How can I SSH into my account? 
Using an SSH client such as Putty you can SSH to and login with your username/password.

Q. How do I activate the SSH access? 
SSH access will be activated upon request. (Please include your account name)

Q. How do I set certain permissions to a file/directory? 
chmod xxx file (xxx are 3 digits of flags that sets the permissions of the file)

Q. What IP/Hostname & port should I connect to? Port: 22

Q. I am having problem configuring Outlook with my mail server.
Your ISP may be blocking your access to our SMTP server. Many now do that and force you to use theirs. Check the tech support web site for your ISP to find out what server you should use for your outgoing mail.

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D. Payment Question

Q: What happens if I change my credit card ?
Our systems will automatically bill the original credit / debit either every month or every year depending on how you elected to pay. When you order your website you will receive a Payment plan email from PayPal (our payment processor) which will contain a username and password for their system. This is very important and you should keep this email safe. Using the information in this email, you can log into PayPal's systems and change your credit / debit card details. Please note that we do not delete your website if your credit / debit card fails, we simply contact you to see if we can help. Our systems will try again if the payment fails another 2 times after which your website will be suspended but not deleted. As soon as the payment is received your account is re-opened within minutes.

Q: I don't have a credit / debit card. Can I use my friend's card ?
If your friend does not mind you using their credit / debit card then we have no problem with this. However, your friend must be present and enter his / her credit / debit card information themselves.

Q: What other forms of payment do you accept?
We accept personal/business checks, money orders and certified cashier's check.


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